Friday, February 15, 2008

No Contest

So, this morning I found myself reading the enchanting story of a young lady who sacrifices her freedom so her over-curious father can get lost in the woods on his way home only to find himself a candidate for the luny-bin while his daughter is held hostage by a crazed human-animal thing. Other people know this little gem as Beauty and the Beast.

This storytime was a special request from my eldest daughter who normally is transfixed when a book is being read. All was going well - we were cuddled on the comfy couch in Ryan's room, wrapped in blankets. Nothing could disturb this little slice of heaven we'd created. Then, Kal and Meg heard the siren sound of "who wants a gumball?!" That was the end of story time.

Don't mess with a gumball. You just won't win.