Saturday, August 30, 2008

Flash From The Past

You ever wonder what our kids will think of the way we dress right now and think to themselves, "What were they thinking?!" I know I've thought that same thing a time or two. about my parents. Welp. It's about time I tried to put myself in their shoes and see what it's like to be a handsome devil from 1980. Whadaya think?

What a catch. If I do say so myself. Or as Jodie would say, "Ow OWWW!!"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Could Be Better?!

Do you remember those days as a child when you held a tasty snack in one hand and another tasty snack in the other hand? And the only thing better than two hands full of yummy food would be to combine them for the ultimate taste sensation? Now, let me clarify here; these aren't things like raisins and chocolate, or peanut butter and apples. No way. This would be stuff like... say... Peanut butter and grapes..... on top of raisin bread.

Doesn't that look AWEsome?! Kalli surprised us with this little gem. It's like a little grape Stone Henge on bread.

That looks like one tasty grape doohickie.

Maybe I'll try me one of them things. I'll put it on my bucket list, right next to raiding an ant hill.
At least she left off the parmesan cheese.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where'd They Go?

The other morning I woke up and couldn't find anything in the kitchen. Were Kalli and Meg up to their tricks again? Did they decide that their plastic kitchen stuff wasn't cutting it anymore? Sure seemed like it. Bowls, forks, plates, spoons, cups - "it all gone," as they would say in Singapore.

This is right where they all go - right on that cloth!

I swear I put em on the counter. That's where they ALWAYS are! If it ain't in the drawer, they be on the counter. And if they ain't on the counter - then Kal and Meg have commandeered them for a good pupose, I'm sure.

There's that empty cloth again.

Then I remembered.....
That's RIGHT! It only took us 6 years of marriage - but we got ourselves a DISHWASHER! The sippy cups were even cleaned to Megan's approval. (did you all catch Kalli's outfit? LOVE... IT)