Thursday, November 19, 2009

We Know You Kids Likes 'em Sloppy!

Today I ate school lunch - voluntarily. I know I know, why on earth would anybody DO that? It was for a good cause, I promise. Today was Kalli's very firstest school lunch - and there weren't no way I wuz gona be missn' that. The food was acceptable (fantastic, by school standards) and the company was even better.

Mmmmmm... Pumpkin pie.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, RyGuy!

OK - I admit - I'm "Dad of the year" on this one. Ryan's actual birthday was a week ago, but I figured he wouldn't be too mad at me for posting this late. (Thanks for not minding too much, Ryan! You're the best!)

When we brought Ryan home, we knew how special he was, and how lucky we were to have him in our family. Two years later he's STILL special, and we're still lucky to have him in our family! We became pregnant with Ryan shortly before my brother Jeff passed away from cancer, back in the Spring of 2007. I think what's special about Ryan in my mind is that I know that he and Jeff are best friends - even though they never met here on earth. In my minds eye I can envision Jeff talking to Ryan about all the cool cousins he's going to have, and the family he's about to join on earth. I can envision Jeff giving Ryan every bit of advice he can think of - including tips on how to avoid the never-allusive "pooncha" - or as I like to call it, the "poooOOOOooooonchaaaaaaaaa!!!" (I like to stretch it out for effect)

Although Ryan has his "moments" when he wishes to remind us that he's two years old... we still feel so blessed to have him in our home. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

He got a little scrape next to his eye - but he was a tough dude. (scared the bajeebers outta dad though)

Showing off his tux that grandma made - my handsome man.

Little toothless smile for the ladies.

Batman never made me laugh so much. This is Ryan right after his "Race!" began. "on your mark, get set.... RACE!!"

We love you, Ryan!