Monday, December 31, 2007

He Was Blessed

I had the priviledge of joining with a few family members and blessing my son yesterday in Church. What an experience! Jodie's mom sewed Ryan a tuxedo on Saturday, as he had grown out of the other tux she had for him. She is amazing. We blessed little Ryan Michael and then had family over to the house for a little lunch. It was an awesome day!

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Bit of Pixie Dust

I for one and not the biggest fan of the Christmas season. It has always baffled me why people, including myself, would feel so much pressure to buy stuff just for the sake of buying stuff. "What did you get?" is a question I dread to hear after Christmas, but find myself asking all the same. What is it with this season?! Perhaps asking "What did you get?" is just another way of saying "Merry Christmas. Hope you had a good vacation away from this black hole you call work" Ha!

This season was different. This season helped me remember the excitement of giving in the very act of receiving. I was truly humbled and amazed as we had our very own Pixie (Elf just isn't as fun to say when you're 2 or 3). It all started just over 2 weeks before Christmas when I was at school and got a phone call from my sweet wife: "Weeee have a Pixie! A good one too!" Boy, was it an awesome 12 Days of Christmas. Every morning our kids would wake up and say, "Dad! Let's go see if the Pixie came!!!" The Pixie left everything from santa hats to stuffed animals to flowers, to movies and a night out on the town. That Pixie spent more money on us during those 12 days than we spent on our entire Christmas for our family. Or, at least it sure seemed like it. Whew! It was so cool that I even got excited :-)

Hopefully this next Christmas we'll be in a position to return the favor to someone else and spread the Pixie dust a little.

Thank You, Pixie

Thursday, December 27, 2007

You've Got Comments

WooHoo! My first day on the blog and I've already got comments. BooYA.

Have you ever noticed how we're all addicted to instant messages and texting? I've witnessed people send a text message and literally stare at their phone - waiting for the phone to buzz, indicating they've received that blessed response.

Too bad my computer doesn't buzz. This staring at my screen is killing me. But it'll be all worth it when that comment shows up!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Has anyone ever asked you how you were doing and you gave a lame response like: fine, doin' good, or great? I know I have, I always say that even when I'm having the worst day of my life. Why are we like that? I tell you, it's only in America. Everywhere else in the world if you ask someone how they are doing, they'll say, "Horrible. I woke up constipated and this fungus on my left foot just won't go away." That, my friend, is a classic Malaysian response to the age-old, very innocent, question: "how are you?"

Now, when anybody asks me how I'm doin, I try to say "Fine." That way if I'm really OK, then I'm not lying, but if I'm:

Freaked out,
Neurotic, or

then I'm not lying either.

In The Beginning

Ya know, I've seen people's blogs throughout the years and never really got into them, until recently. You see, my big sister started a blog earlier this year and ever since then I've found myself checking almost daily to see if she has put up a new post. Can blogs really be THAT interesting? Apparently so :-)

I've decided to start a blog - just for kicks. Not sure what I'll put on it - but it's started. So watch out world - Kahomada has landed!

-PeaCe oUt