Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome Home, Trevor!

Trevor, my man, it's good to have you back in our lives. Long time, no see! As you can already tell, you have some excellent mothers - 3 to be exact. They're all great, but I'm sure you have your favorite picked out by now. You're one lucky man. I'm sure you can also tell that you'll be playing plenty of sports around the house - and, yes, that football that is currently the size of your entire body IS indeed "throwable." You'll see what I mean in a couple years. In the mean time... enjoy sleeping 18 hours a day - eating whenever you feel like it - and having servants wipe yer bum. Just don't get too used to it!

We had to find that thumb sooner or later.

Proud brother, or successful hunter?

Bath time!

Dr. Pardey was the pediatrician. Sure hope that name isn't an omen of things to come. Pardey!!!

Can you feel the love?!

For those who like specs, he was 8lbs. 21" runs a mile in 3 min. 51 sec. and can bench 285. That's my boy!