Friday, December 31, 2010


For those of you who keep asking - Yes, the dust has settled and life has returned back to normal.  Finally! It spent 4 1/2 years in the wishing/planning stages, and 2 sho...loooong months in the making stage.  But it's finally done.  We now have a kitchen where all the stuff works. Huzzzaaaah!  Here's some pics for those who haven't seen the 'show' live and in person.

So, um, there it is. A kitchen. I think my favorite part is the bar where the kids sit to eat their breakfast.  Super easy to clean up and nice to have them all lined up for scripture time!  It would have been really nice to do this 4 years ago - or before we moved in - but.... that's the way it goes when people won't give  out free samples of cabinets.  I keep looking for 'em at Costco, but all they ever give me is soup, chicken nuggets, and the occasional chocolate chip cookie.  I'll keep my eyes open for free toilet and tile samples - cuz the bathroom's next! (in 2015)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wanna Play?

Is it time for a new post? 


Waiting 2 months in between posts is the norm, right? Good.  Well, I'd like to talk about all the happenings-on around here in the last little bit, but rather than bore you with all the details, I decided to let you play a game.  It's one of those "what's different between these two pictures."  Our kids love these games - so we hope you will too.

The differences are pretty subtle - but I have faith in you. You can DO it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

11 Years

11 years ago today, I gave my "farewell" talk just prior to entering the MTC.  In sacrament meeting today a young man gave his talk, and will be entering the MTC on Wednesday.  A number of emotions and memories flooded my mind as I thought about a 19 year old kid with curly hair (I had hair!) black-rimmed glasses and a new suit share his testimony with family and friends - with no clue of what was before him, with no idea that the world was so big.

During my 2 Years, I visited with people from almost every culture imaginable (or so it seemed), ate food I didn't know we 'could' eat, saw things I don't want to see again (embalming shout NOT take place in a garage!) and shared some of the most wonderful moments with complete strangers.  It was an experience I'll never forget.

As I think about the 9 years that have passed since returning home, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.  From my wife and children, to opportunities for learning and guidance in my career - it has all fallen into place.  President Eyring challenged us a while back to make a daily record and list a way in which the Lord had blessed us that day. Today he blessed me with a remembrance of the blessings he had already given me.

Here's to 11 more years. (Jodie just reminded me that I'll be in my 40's - doh! - 41 years young, and driving a 2500 HD. Yea baby)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Cabin!

We had tons of fun in the Uinta Mountains this last week.  It was a MUCH needed break.

Provo River Falls

Up the south face of Mount Baldy. The kids did AWEsome.  We'll make it all the way to the top one of these years, although I think we did pretty good.

My sweetie pies, at the falls.

Our first day hike on the Pass Lake trail.  We made it all the way to Scout Lake, and got eaten alive while we ate lunch.  

All in all, it was an awesome trip and I can't wait to go back.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yesterday I decided to try something new - coooool pancakes! The kids loved it so I'm pretty sure that's what we're having for breakfast today.

Each of the girls started out with a flower...

This is our flower and bumblebee - it had a house, but somebody ate it.

This is Ryan's Monster Truck! He had it off-roading through the mud.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

OK, I'm a little late - but better late than never, right?  Two days ago Jodie and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary.   At first we thought that 8 years wasn't that long because it had gone by so fast, but then we started to think about what we were doing 8 years before we got married, and that's when it got interesting.  8 years before our marriage I was in the deacons quorum and Jodie was in.... primary! Holy cow!  Life happens fast, my friend.

Every time I think about our wedding day I wade through a flood of emotions.  They all sum up one thing - Wow!  Basically, when I think about our wedding day, I think about:

Enough said.

Happy Anniversary, Jo! Here's to 8 more years, and 8 more years after that, and 8 mo....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This Just In...

WASHINGTON - The National Guard, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently announced plans to equip riot personnel with state-of-the-art technology that utilizes a well-known ubiquitous plant. This new technology will be the latest enhancement in riot gear since the armed forces implemented tear gas in the early 1900’s. Although specific details regarding the functionality of the new weaponry are currently classified, reporters are being told that the recent increase in marijuana farms across the country have played a key role in developing the technology. “This new technology will allow us to utilize the numerous pot farms around the country,” said renowned counter-terrorism expert Guy Francis at a press conference Wednesday. “Once we realized that local law enforcement simply destroyed the evidence, we thought we could put that to better use.” Then citing recent statistics that showed a dramatic decline in the overall stress level of law enforcement personnel involved in these operations, Francis further stated “it just isn’t fair that they get to do that. We’re stressed out too, and we want in. Please don’t write that down. This is all off the record.”

After ushering Francis off the stage, Sgt. Samuel Thompson of Utah’s 432nd battalion further clarified, “What Mr. Francis meant to say is that we’re realizing people don’t want to be shot with bean bags or sprayed with high-pressure hoses – and we’re responding as best we know how. It isn’t easy to look into the eyes of a mean person. It’s no picnic.  We just hope this helps them all chill out.”

The new technology purportedly converts the marijuana plant into a harmless fog that, when dissipated over large crowds, has a calming effect on those present. The theory being that riot goers will turn from blood-thirsty maniacs into amiable friends with little desire to do anything productive. 

“I mean, really,” Thompson added. “nobody wants to attend a riot thinking that big guys with shields are going to show up. Who wants that?”

Critics of the new technology warn of possible economic side effects, including the strain on the nation’s snack food industry. “I’m just sayin’ there’s no evidence to support the notion that our snack food industry could support such an increase in demand.  It’s clearly unsustainable,” claims Alec Halstrom, a self-proclaimed expert on food economics.  “You have Cheetos, Twinkies, Fritos, all the basics. If demand suddenly goes up, then I know my prices will go up.  I’ve been to school. I know how this works. It can’t work.” 

Critics also cite the probability that this new tactic will simply increase attendance at riots and other unauthorized gatherings. “People are going to realize that riots are no fun.  They’re hot and boring, and it’s not like we’re providing porta-potties or anything.  We think kids these days are mostly just bored,” said Cpl. Joseph Ball. “The real problem is education.  The general public is simply unaware of other fun activities like foosball and Rummikub.  Once they catch on, we’ll all be OK.”

When asked why trials for the new devices will begin this Saturday at the 10th Annual Reggae Summerfest, Sgt. Thompson added “if it works there, then we’re confident it’ll work on anyone.”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome Home, Trevor!

Trevor, my man, it's good to have you back in our lives. Long time, no see! As you can already tell, you have some excellent mothers - 3 to be exact. They're all great, but I'm sure you have your favorite picked out by now. You're one lucky man. I'm sure you can also tell that you'll be playing plenty of sports around the house - and, yes, that football that is currently the size of your entire body IS indeed "throwable." You'll see what I mean in a couple years. In the mean time... enjoy sleeping 18 hours a day - eating whenever you feel like it - and having servants wipe yer bum. Just don't get too used to it!

We had to find that thumb sooner or later.

Proud brother, or successful hunter?

Bath time!

Dr. Pardey was the pediatrician. Sure hope that name isn't an omen of things to come. Pardey!!!

Can you feel the love?!

For those who like specs, he was 8lbs. 21" runs a mile in 3 min. 51 sec. and can bench 285. That's my boy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ham & Cheese, Please

After waking up and trying my best not to fall back into one of the more interesting dreams I've had in a while, I decided it was time to make my ritual 2-eggs-ham-and cheese sandwich on honey whole wheat. De-lish! Cereal must have been invented before eggs. Surely people wouldn't invent something to replace the incredible edible - or would they? I digress...

So, after preparing 'the ritual' and mixing up a tall glass of chocolate milk, I sat down to enjoy the spoils of my 4 minutes of hard labor. As usual I had Megan flanking the left, and Ryan on my right. Kalli would have been on the table in front of me, but she had an appointment with her stylist in the bathroom (got to prep for school!). After a few "small bites" and passing around my chocolate milk like a Tongan Kava ritual, Ryan handed me my glass and said "here dad it's your turn." (finally!) G. Thanks, Ryan.

Yes. It was full. I wasn't too mad. The behemoth tub of Nestle that only Costco can bring awaited my second visit of the morning after I was confident the culinary combatants had fled the scene. Not to worry. All was well.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paint a Picture for Me

Last night I couldn't sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about my sweet grandma and what an example she has been to me throughout my life. She passed away last night, just after 8 o'clock, surrounded by those she loves. She has lived an amazing life and helped countless individuals realize their potential and become closer to their Heavenly Father. Grandma is a poet - in the truest sense of the word. Everything about her life was a masterpiece, reflecting the love she felt for those around her. She was also an excellent artist - creating hundreds of paintings that depicted everything in life. The smell of oil paints will always bring back childhood memories of visiting grandma. As I reminisced about her life I felt that it would be fitting to put my thoughts down in a poem - because that's how grandma rolls.

Paint A Picture

It's now your turn to venture down

and see what you can see

So take this time to and teach and grow

and then come back to me

A world in need is where you'll go

to share your talents dear

to lift, to heal, to bring them up

for I will always be near

The world will see me through your eyes

and know what I can do

I'll mold and shape, and teach them well

to change them through and through

They'll see my hand in everything

in paintings brought through you,

they'll see the beauty of this world

of life, of love, and truth

So paint a picture of the beauties of life

of all that it can bring

of joys, of pain and suffering

and of the renewing hope of Spring

Paint a picture of mountains

tall, majestic, and strong

that reach toward heaven and seem to say

the waters will be calm

Paint a picture of endless love

an example burning bright -

for all to see and emulate

and become a guiding light

The life you live, your gentleness

your legacy of love

will be the painting of your life

when you return above

In my arms you now will rest

An example for all to see

the world is now a better place

because you painted a picture for me

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Woo Hoo #2

Kalli gave this note to Jodie on Sunday night. :-)

Yes, Kalli. You are sweet.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fohgiveness, please

OK - Has it been 2 months already!? My, my, how time passes like dryer sheets in a hurricane.

I've wanted to post so many times over the last couple months. Really. I mean we had all sorts of fun stuff goin' on like.... Thanksgiving, Christmas tree cutting, parties, presents, Christmas, New Years, me eating dinner, brushing my teeth.... I mean the list goes on and on. The only reason why I haven't posted is, well, because I always forget, and when I remember to post I don't have any pictures handy (that's a clever way of saying I'm at work and I don't have my home computer near by). Today I thought that I would post 'something' in spite of my lack of pictures (which may or may not mean that I'm at work).

It's been a pretty surreal couple months I'd say - packed with the excitement of Christmas morning when Megan, while eating strawberry waffles for breakfast, said "This is the best Christmas, EVER!" It's also been drug down by the lull of being told to find a new job (a saga that, um, is sure fun stuff) Those were good times. Good times, Indeeeeeeeed.

So, my New Years resolution for you? Put up a blog post more than once every 2 months. Some of you I will never catch up with. Some of you I may even surpass with my patent bi-weekly to monthly posts. All in all, I think 2010 is going to be an excellent year. Just remember to wear your sunscreen.

Pics to follow - as soon as I remember to post when I'm home. Cheers!