Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paint a Picture for Me

Last night I couldn't sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about my sweet grandma and what an example she has been to me throughout my life. She passed away last night, just after 8 o'clock, surrounded by those she loves. She has lived an amazing life and helped countless individuals realize their potential and become closer to their Heavenly Father. Grandma is a poet - in the truest sense of the word. Everything about her life was a masterpiece, reflecting the love she felt for those around her. She was also an excellent artist - creating hundreds of paintings that depicted everything in life. The smell of oil paints will always bring back childhood memories of visiting grandma. As I reminisced about her life I felt that it would be fitting to put my thoughts down in a poem - because that's how grandma rolls.

Paint A Picture

It's now your turn to venture down

and see what you can see

So take this time to and teach and grow

and then come back to me

A world in need is where you'll go

to share your talents dear

to lift, to heal, to bring them up

for I will always be near

The world will see me through your eyes

and know what I can do

I'll mold and shape, and teach them well

to change them through and through

They'll see my hand in everything

in paintings brought through you,

they'll see the beauty of this world

of life, of love, and truth

So paint a picture of the beauties of life

of all that it can bring

of joys, of pain and suffering

and of the renewing hope of Spring

Paint a picture of mountains

tall, majestic, and strong

that reach toward heaven and seem to say

the waters will be calm

Paint a picture of endless love

an example burning bright -

for all to see and emulate

and become a guiding light

The life you live, your gentleness

your legacy of love

will be the painting of your life

when you return above

In my arms you now will rest

An example for all to see

the world is now a better place

because you painted a picture for me