Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Hunt

This morning, I gathered my family into the minivan and set off on a journey that would take us to fields of wonder, awe, and ultimately to a pack of wild, ferocious, chicks. It's Easter, and as is the custom in many parts of the land we participated in an egg "hunt," or two egg hunts to be exact. We braved the 40 degree weather and waited in Founders Park for 20 minutes till the nice policeman blew his horn, beginning the most intense 30 seconds of most childrens lives. Vast whords of children swarmed the "no-zone" as parents shouted instructions: "Kick him in the legs!," "Push her over and take the booty!" OK, it wasn't THAT bad, but it sure seemed like it. I actually heard a mom instruct her husband to continue 'coaching' their son while she looked for a better spot. It was pretty sureal.

Not having coached my children in the ways of egg poaching, we were left behind when the "wall of destruction" decended on the field of eggs. Luckily the kiddies ran right by a few eggs, which allowed my kiddies to swipe 'em up and not leave empty handed. After 20 seconds it was all over. The fields were stripped like a turkey on Thanksgiving. There wasn't anything left - except grass, of course. We decided that we needed more than just a few eggs, so we headed off to Woods Cross.

At Woods Cross Elementary they had another egg 'brawl' but this time the people in charge tried to make it a little more fair. They had the little kids go first and told them to get 3 eggs, then come back to their parents. Some kids (and their parents) had a tough time counting to 3 - and only to 3. We got our 3 eggs and then headed into the gym to get stickers, bags, and tatoos (stickers!). The girls had an awesome time, and so did mom and dad. We finished off the morning by going to see the chickies. At least there wer no crazy parents there. :-) We LOVE chickies!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Give Me A Break

So yesterday I read an article in the newspaper about a lady who was arrested for leaving her child in the car. "Not another one of these ladies" I thought. But I kept reading. She has 3 children (the sympathy should start there) and the older 2 kids wanted to donate their money to the Salvation Army. As they were driving to the store the littlest of the bunch, just 2 years old, fell asleep in her car seat. Because it was sleeting outside, the mom decided that it would be OK to park the car, lock the car, ALARM the car and walk the 30 feet to the kettle with her older kids, leaving the 2 year old in the car. On her way back to the car she got arrested from a loser cop on charges of child abandonment.

Holy Crap!

She now faces an entire year in prison and a $2,500 fine if convicted. Is this how our tax dollars are spent everyday?!

Sorry, not a funny post - just had to get it off my mind. Put the people in prison who squeeze baby's to death and dumb stuff like that. Put em in a hole. Throw away any keys or ladders. Just don't imprison the mother of 3 who isn't any different than any mother out there.

30 FEET?!!!?

More funny posts to follow!