Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ham & Cheese, Please

After waking up and trying my best not to fall back into one of the more interesting dreams I've had in a while, I decided it was time to make my ritual 2-eggs-ham-and cheese sandwich on honey whole wheat. De-lish! Cereal must have been invented before eggs. Surely people wouldn't invent something to replace the incredible edible - or would they? I digress...

So, after preparing 'the ritual' and mixing up a tall glass of chocolate milk, I sat down to enjoy the spoils of my 4 minutes of hard labor. As usual I had Megan flanking the left, and Ryan on my right. Kalli would have been on the table in front of me, but she had an appointment with her stylist in the bathroom (got to prep for school!). After a few "small bites" and passing around my chocolate milk like a Tongan Kava ritual, Ryan handed me my glass and said "here dad it's your turn." (finally!) G. Thanks, Ryan.

Yes. It was full. I wasn't too mad. The behemoth tub of Nestle that only Costco can bring awaited my second visit of the morning after I was confident the culinary combatants had fled the scene. Not to worry. All was well.