Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Lesson In Snow White

Dad: "Look, there's the evil Queen. She hates Snow White"

Kalli: "No, Dad. She doesn't hate Snow White. She loves her. She just wants to kill her."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Thumbs Up!

Last night during family home evening we taught the girls about the word of wisdom. Not an easy topic for 5 and 3 year-old kiddies. Jodie and I thought that it was time for them to learn about it from the 'horses mouth' - and since I'm the one that's always horse'n around, it was my turn to teach the lesson. (baaaaad joke. Sorry, everybody) We played games that showed us all the cool things we could do with our bodies, and talked about how Heavenly Father wants us to keep our bodies healthy and strong. We then played "thumbs up." Basically, someone shouts out a food, and if it's good for you then you give it 2 thumbs up - if it's bad, it gets the classic 2 thumbs down. Pretty basic, eh?

The game begins:
"watermelon!" - 2 thumbs WAY up
"vegetables!" - 2 thumbs up (but only after coersion from daddo)
"cigarettes!" - *insert booo, and hisssss* - "ew, gross" - 2 thumbs down

They LOVED it. Family night Suuuuuccesssss!

So, tonight at dinner, Megan decided that it was time to play the game. "Showa" says dad. "How abooooouuuut...," "No, Dad, I'm the boss. I get to say it" - "well, alrighty then"

Watermelon! - Woot Woot! - 2 thumbs up
Daddy cooks dinner! - 2 thumbs way UP. Then Meg pipes up... "no way, that's 2 thumbs down!"

Thanks, Megan. Don't ever change, sweetie.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Freeee-beeee Bots - A Survival Story

So today - amidst my cranial exercises of sorts - we decided to head out to the grocery store and pick up some sundry items, er, I mean, some ingredients for an AWEsome dessert that Jodie wanted to make. WalMart or Smiths? Hmmm... Smiths. Why not. It's closer and all we're getting is groceries - Plus I hate WalMart (I'm supposed to say that, right? Because they drive away all the mom & pop stores trying to peddle Sure deoderant and Suave shampoo. WalMart's become even more worthless after they discontinued White Cloud diapers - but that's a WHOLE nother blog)

So, off to Smiths we go!

We walked in the door, being the unsuspecting tourists of all things edible that we were - having no preminitions of wonderous free-dom to come, and were suddenly bombarded by a crowd of mindless freebee-bots. You could almost read their minds: "Freeee-bee Freeeee-bee! Free..."It was horrific. The employees were giving everything away as fast as it could be put on a plate or garnished with a napkin; glasses of orange juice, cake (both on the same table; gross), fruit, ice cream, shrimp (I steer clear of warm shrimp that's been manhandled by every snot-nosed kid that happens to pass by thinking "mommy, what's this thing?"), muffins, and... some other stuff, I'm sure. Oh ya, Cheese. They had cheese as well - in little cute cubes, no less; complete with toothpicks! It was an experience never to be forgotten. Well, at least not until my next trip to the store. We made our way past the 'drones' and started doing whatever it is we came there to do - what DID we come there to do? Oh ya! We came to buy stuff. So, off to buy things we went, when suddenly... "alrighty shoppers, it's time again for another drawing where one lucky customer will win a chance to spin the wheeeel... of.... grooooceriiiies!" "It's NEVER me" I thought, as I tugged on the half-bent tickets in my linty pocket. "Well, just to make sure, let me memorize my numbers - just in case. OK, 424. Got it." "Alrighty shoppers, let's here it for number.... 424! That's number 424. Present your ticket for a spin of the wheel, at the east entrance" "Is that us?!" Jodie perked up. "um, I think so!" *insert winners dance here*

I'd explain it all - but I figured that a story book with pictures would be much more effective.

"Huh?! Did they just say 424?"

"Jeepers!! I think they just said 4...2....4!"

"They did! They did! That's US! We get to spin The Wheeeeeelll!"

*Then we walked down to the winners circle - i.e. the East Entrance, and took our spot as future heirs and heirises of something free*

*Amidst mild trepidation, Mike takes hold of the wheel, and with a flick of his hand sets forth a destiny that can only be guided by Lady Luck herself.*

"huh, they only have colors on this wheel. No pictures? I need pictures. I wonder what color is good. Sure hope I don't win something stupid"

"Yellow! I got Yellow! Hmm... what does Yellow get me? Ice Cream! 48 oz. of Ice Cream! YEEEEEEsssss! I didn't spin for something lame like bunion cream!"

"Now - What to choose? What toooo choooose"

Good choice, young Padawon. Your queen would be proud.

That's right. "Private" AND "Premium" ice cream - all in the same container. I think they made it just for me, but I'm not too sure on that one. I figured it was worthy of a crown.