Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mmmmm.... Bread

Last week a good friend of ours asked Jodie if making our own bread really saves us any money. I've always thought so - but I think that could be due to the fact that I would never want to admit that we've been wasting our hard-earned money instead of saving it AND letting someone else do all the work! (as if I do any of the work... but I digress)

SO, when Jodie said "do you think we're really saving any money?" I said "let's find out!"

It wasn't hard really - all we had to do was figure out the cost of each of the ingredients, divide out the part we used to make a batch of bread, and voila! And because I'm picky, I had to figure out how much it cost us to power our oven for 30 minutes (I love Google). All in all, we estimated that it costs us a shmidgen over $3 to mix and bake 6 loaves of bread. Not too shabby! I will admit that they aren't the biggest loaves of bread - I call em half-loaves, baby-bakes, snack cakes...etc. Yummy!

Soooo, I guess that means we'll be making a lot more of these:

Oh ya - THIS is what happens when you don't cut your children a slice fast enough.

Never leave a freshly-baked loaf of bread unattended.


Jas and Kim said...

All is have to say is AWESOME!

Melbell said...

Awesome! Hey do you think you could get "smellivision" on your blog? :0)
woop woop for homemade bread!!

Mike said...

Mmmmmmm... Smellvision

Jenn said...

Now I feel like I have to make my own bread!!! We will see- I am not sure I can commit to that. I like people to do the work for me, and since I can't get anyone to raise my children, clean the house, make dinner, etc..., I cut corners where I can. But now.......

Unknown said...

Leave it to Mike Youngberg to figure out how much I'm saving making bread. I'm really glad you did that. I've often wondered.