Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today Jodie and I did something that we don't do - pretty much ever. Organized the closet? Well, yes, we did do that, but we do that all the ti.... um, wait - make that TWO things today that we hardly ever do. The first being the closet (wow, I really don't have any clothes) and the second? Well, we decided to take a trip to Sandy and check out a sale. In all honesty, we were kind of skeptical. When I say 'we' I mean 'I' because I didn't think Jodie would let me buy something. Buuuut she did - AND I didn't even have to get on my knees... for too long.

I love it. Absolutely love it. I think the biggest reason why I love it is because Jodie loves it. I've been wanting to get her a piano ever since we were married. The sound is awesome, but the package isn't complete unless Jodie's playing.

Kalli and Meg are VERY excited to start lessons.

This is Ryan, just after Jodie told him that he couldn't eat his cookie while sitting at the piano. Sorry, dude. Rules are rules.

So, if you ever have a second, come on by and check it out. We maaaay even let you sit at it - but only if you promise to eat your cookie first.


** Adrian ** said...

AWESOME!!! Congrats on the new piano!! Jodie's gonna love being able to sit & pluck out a tune whenever she feels like it!! (I love it & I can't even play worth a darn!) One of these days I'll be able to, though & that's what counts!!

Carrie said...

That is awesome! Nobody deserves it more than you guys.
By the way, I love Ryan's shirt.

Alex said...

Poor Ry-Guy. I feel for you, dude. Piano cookies are the best!

Melbell said...

Oh WOW! I am SO excited for you guys! Where does it sit..where does it sit....???

Jas and Kim said...

SAWEET! I'm so glad jo has a piano, she can play so well. I bet it's heaven on earth when those tunes are wafting through the house! Great purchase, guys!

Unknown said...

how fun to get something like that, that you've been wanting for awhile.